MWIKA is a dutch charity that aims to improve healthcare in Tanzania by advancing and implementing IT solutions. We are dedicated to empower healthcare professionals, enhance patient care, and establish a healthcare system that is both accessible and efficient.


MWIKA is dedicated to providing essential support in the realm of infrastructure solutions for health clinics and hospitals in Northern Tanzania, with a particular emphasis on the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC).
Our primary objective is to offer consultancy services and training to empower local IT professionals. In addition to this, we collaborate with healthcare institutions on IT projects aimed at enhancing their ICT infrastructure to effectively meet future demands.

At MWIKA, we recognize the significance of fostering local expertise, and as such, our core focus involves empowering IT professionals through targeted consultancy and training programs. By doing so, we aim to create a sustainable impact on the healthcare sector, ensuring that these professionals are well-equipped to manage and optimize technological resources in their respective institutions.

Furthermore, we actively engage in collaborative efforts with hospitals, leveraging equipment provided by third parties to achieve our objectives. These partnerships enable us to implement innovative solutions and address the evolving needs of healthcare IT, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of healthcare services in the region.

MWIKA is committed to being a catalyst for positive change for the healthcare system in Tanzania, striving to build a robust and resilient IT framework that supports the current and future demands of healthcare facilities in Northern Tanzania, with a special focus on KCMC.


MWIKA was established in 2020 and is a initiative of a group of experienced ICT professionals working on a ICT assistance program for healthcare in Northern Tanzania since 2017. MWIKA stands for “Msaada Wa ICT Kwa Afrika”, which in Swahili means ‘ICT aid for Africa’.

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