Empowering healthcare by ICT


MWIKA is a dutch charity that aims to improve healthcare in Tanzania by advancing and implementing IT solutions. We are dedicated to empower healthcare professionals, enhance patient care, and establish a healthcare system that is both accessible and efficient.


Providing assistance in the field of automation to health clinics and hospitals in Northern Tanzania in general and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) in particular;

Providing advice to and training local IT professionals working within the KCMC and supervising IT projects;

The use of resources made available by third parties that contribute to achieving the above objectives;


MWIKA was established in 2020 and is a initiative of a group of experienced ICT professionals working on a ICT assistance program for healthcare in Northern Tanzania since 2017. MWIKA stands for “Msaada Wa ICT Kwa Afrika”, which in Swahili means ‘ICT aid for Africa’.

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